boots and hat

Southern Maryland Boot Scooters


Southern Maryland Boot Scooters is a 501(c)(3) organization, operating according to the following bylaws:

  1. The purpose of this dance team is to organize and operate a line dancing team to perform at such places as, but not limited to, nursing homes, assisted living centers, charity events, health fairs, car shows and county fairs. Also to teach line dancing to any person, group or organization upon request.
  2. Membership is open to any person interested in joining the team. No person will be denied membership because of race, color, religion, national origin, or marital status.
  3. There are no dues or fees required of members. Members agree to purchase their own dance shirts if the money is not available from the team account.
  4. Any member will be entitled to vote on any items or team business. The team will exercise a majority vote rule.
  5. Dance practice will be conducted on Tuesday nights from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM at Hotel Charles in Hughesville, Maryland.
  6. The team will be led by Leslie Harvey and the assistant Team Leader, Kathy Kesner. At any time the team members can vote to change the team leadership.
  7. The Team Leader will be responsible for, but not limited to, maintaining a current list of team members names and contact information at all times, conducting team practices, teaching new/old dances, scheduling performance events, coordinating and scheduling workshops, coordinating and making travel arrangements for performances/dance lessons, maintaining the team website and social media accounts, coordinating fund raising or applying for grants, paying team expenses, managing the team bank account, ordering dance shirts, music and supplies.
  8. The Assistant Team Leader will assist the Team Leader as necessary and assume the responsibilities in her absence.
  9. The bylaws may be amended at any regular team practice by a majority vote of the team membership.
  10. No member will receive or solicit compensation for services other than for reimbursement for hard cost expenditures.
  11. Team members that help in raising funds for the team will be afforded the opportunity to attend dance workshops, performances with full or partial costs (including travel) paid by the team account.
  12. Dissolution of the team will be made upon a majority vote of the team members. A written notice will be mailed to all active team members providing information on the dissolution at least 14 days prior to the effective date. The dissolution will not be initiated until all outstanding debts have been satisfied. Any remaining funds will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or another charity decided by the majority vote of the active team members.